Student Created First Person Narrative Videos Using Google Glass

I have my students create many different variety of media. Quite often, my students produce videos.  I wanted to get my Google Glass into the hands of students more, so we recently did an assignment writing and producing First Person Narrative videos.

The assignment required them to write a short 2-3 minute story considering point-of-view as a narrative technique.  Students then recorded the video using Google Glass and edited using WeVideo.  Google Glass’s new manual auto backup option sped up the process because I was able to download the students’ video and share it to their Google Drive much quicker.

As an introduction, I showed them some recent Kohl’s commericals that utilized this technique and we discussed the story telling elements of the commercial.

Overall, the results were good.  Given the end of the school year is fast approaching, we didn’t have time to spend a lot of time in the editing stages.  Many students said they thought their script ideas were good, but didn’t execute the production as well as they would have liked.  Students have never had the opportunity to shoot video using a device like Google Glass and have never written stories focusing on first person POV as a storytelling element.  On the technical side, one thing many didn’t account for was the different audio levels of the characters and the students didn’t know how to fix that in editing. In the future, I’d love to have more time and give students the opportunity to re-shoot and re-edit their video after they practice.

Here are the videos.  Let me know what you think in the comments:

Roommate Gone Wrong:

Find Your Courage:

Saving Agent:

The Elevator Ride:

The Big Day:

The Friend:

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