A Third Iteration of the Flipped Classroom?

In my book, Flipping Your English Class To Reach All Learners, I dedicate a chapter to the different models of Flipped Learning in practice.  I identified First Iteration and Second Iteration models and the development of each model.

First Iteration

  • Traditional Flip (sometimes called Flipped 101) – front loading the video with problem solving in class.
  • Writing Workshop Flip – front loading a mini-lesson video with writing projects in class.

Second Iteration

  • Flip Mastery – front loading content along with mastery assessment for advancement.
  • Explore-Flip-Apply – placing video in the learning cycle after an initial activity and application/assessment after practice.
  • Peer Instruction – using video or digital elements to initiate peer instruction.

At FlipCon14 this summer, I was introduced to the work of Tom Driscoll, Tim Downing, and Corey Papastathis.  These educators are using methods of gamification in the classroom and combining them with Flip Mastery.  For the purpose of this blog post, I’ll call this model Gamified Flip Mastery.  They are using programs like 3dGameLab to add gaming elements into the structure of their classrooms.  I was so intrigued by this model that I am in the process of developing quests for my staff to use as Professional Development (another post on that will come soon).

This new model has a great deal of potential to allow teachers a way to gamify their classroom in a more efficient way than trying to self-track all the details.  I believe this model deserves serious consideration when discussing the different flipped models.

In my book, I speculated what might be possible in the third iteration of Flipped Classrooms, but didn’t define what would constitute moving into that third iteration.  Since this model takes a Second Iteration Flip (Flip Mastery) and adds significantly to it, I would think that puts it in contention as the first Third Iteration Flip.

Does being a Third Iteration Flip make it better than a Second Iteration Flip?  Absolutely not.   However, as someone who has invested a great deal of my professional work over the past few years training, researching and developing the Flipped Learning models, I love seeing the models continue to grow.

What do you think? Is Gamified Flip Mastery the first Third Iteration model of the Flipped Classroom? What other models have you seen that might enter the Third Iteration discussion?

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