How to create an online computer lab (or other) sign up sheet for your school

Many teachers are tired of the outdated clipboard model of signing up for lab time or computer/iPad cart use. My school is no different.  Teachers on the third floor didn’t want to walk to the bottom floor just to see if the computer lab or traveling cart was available when they needed it.  They wanted a simple way to check availability and sign up.  Being a Google Apps school, I began researching ways to use Google Calendar and maybe a Google Form.  I found some ways to use scripts with Forms, but the scripts didn’t work with the recent Sheets update.  I decided it was time to search for a third-party app or site that could help.  That is when I discovered

Using this free service, I could create an online sign up sheet that allowed my staff to select available times.  Once they booked the block of time they wanted, the event would be placed on a Google Calendar and an email sent to them to confirm booking.

picture 2014-08-20 at 9.49.38 AM

I then embedded the Google Calendar onto our school website so teachers could easily see what times were booked.  If the time they wanted wasn’t booked, they clicked the link and began scheduling.

This could be used for parent teacher conferences, adminstrator observations, and many other scheduling uses that schools encounter.  There is a paid option with that has more options, but so far, I’ve found everything I need under the free version.

What do you think? Could your school use an automated system like this to make scheduling easier?

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