Fun uses for Thinglink in the classroom

Sometimes you hear about a great tool and then end up forgetting about it. That’s what happened with me and Thinglink. I had heard about it at a conference maybe 2 years ago and thought it looked like a good tool to make some multimedia resources, but subsequently forgot to try it out.

Recently, I saw a post on Twitter from Lisa Butler giving some packing advice for ISTE using Thinglink. I thought it was a clever idea and was reminded about how interesting Thinglink can make resources.

Lisa Butler’s ISTE Packing List. Linked to Thinglink.

I had been intending to make a packing inventory for an upcoming month-long trip to Asia I have planned, so inspired by Lisa’s packing image, I made one of my own adding some text and links to websites.

My Asia packing list. Linked to Thinglink.
Linked to Thinglink.

You could use this for class trip or camp packing lists in the classroom.  Another use I thought of was to include resources connected to a map.  So, I made an example using my upcoming trip.

These were really very simple to do and everything I did was available in the free version. There are some upgraded educator versions that give you a bit more versatility in your content.

I could see classes using this as video messages to parents or another classroom around the world linked to the students’ image. You could link flipped videos to visual representation of the content.  You could create virtual fields trips. The possibilities are endless.  What fun uses do you have for Thinglink?

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