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Does My Glass Make You Uncomfortable?

I wore Glass to my Improv Rehearsals today.  I thought it would be fun to record video while I was performing to use as a critique method and also to allow others to see my perspective during a scene.  Eventually, I’d like to get comfortable enough with them to wear in a live performance.  Well, one member of the group was very uncomfortable with me wearing Glass.  So, I didn’t wear them for this rehearsal after snapping a shot of once scene. Until the person is comfortable, I won’t impose my Glass on them. No one else seemed to care. So, we’ll see where it goes.

Using the Vignette with Field Trip in Glass

This image I took using the vignette feature. I google Mass Ave in Indianapolis because there is where I was.  Afterward, I realized I should have used the Field Trip app on Glass.  Field Trip has what they call cards on interesting facts on different locations. I’m really looking forward to using Field Trip on our 8th Grade Class Trip to Washington, DC in April.  I’ll have a post soon with some uses of Field Trip.

The Snow and The Slush

I tried some action shots of my pickup futsal game last night but wasn’t pleased with the results, so I’m hoping to try again next week. I’ll keep you posted. Tonight, I took a photo of my shoe after I ran through the mess that is making up the streets now that the temperatures have started to rise.  I also used the Vignette feature to post the weather.

Why Does Everyone Keep Taking My Picture?

One thing I find with Glass is I get a lot of pictures of myself.  No, they aren’t selfies. Nearly everyone that wants to try out Glass wants to take a picture. Since they are usually look directly at me, they take my picture.  The featured image today I wanted to record a student using Glass and she took a photo of my video recording her. Very meta…

Below a put a few other fun pictures students have taken while testing out Glass.




Foggy Glass and Sidewalk Running

Well, thank to Butler University clearing their sidewalks, I was able to get out for run today without spending too much time in the street.  One problem I had with Glass today was the lens kept fogging over. With the combination of body heat, cold air, me breathing, whatever, I had to continually wipe the lens with my glove to see it.  Then I’d have to re-adjust its position. I return to school tomorrow (weather permitting) and I’ll be able to start using glass for more than just pictures of snow.

Snowy Hike and Video

Today, we got 11 inches of snow.  Since I couldn’t leave my house in a vehicle, I went for a walk in nearby Holcomb Gardens on the campus of Butler University. I took some photographs.  The touch slider on Glass doesn’t work with gloves similar to a touchscreen, so I needed to take my glove off each time I needed to use it. I was also wearing a sock hat and occasionally it would prevent the touch slider from working. I had to push it up over the ear to get that to work. I took a short video just to demonstrate the video quality.  The default is 10 seconds, so that’s what I did. You have to touch the temple to get an option to extend the video, then touch the temple again to allow it to record indefinitely until you touch it again to stop. It would be nice to have a voice activated stop feature (but I guess then that would be recorded).

5 - Jan 5

5 - Jan 5C

5 - Jan 5D