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Night Time Photography

Since there isn’t really a flash on Glass (well, there is, but in that short distance smartphone type of flash), I wanted to see how photos at night turned out.  The results were as expected.  Nice if you have lighting already, but not spectacular.

4 - Jan 4B

Make Vignette and Auto Awesome

I tried out two features of Glass today.  Well, one feature of Glass and one of Google+. I wanted to try the Vignette option on Glass. I found these sledders when I went to take some sunset photos.  The sun is setting over Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler University campus.  The sledders are hidden a bit by the glare.  That is the picture above. The Vignette feature adds whatever card you are seeing when you take the photo to be overlayed onto the photo. I enjoy using InstaWeather on my phone, so I used the weather card on this photo.

The picture below is a great feature of Google+ called Auto Awesome. It looks at your photo and makes suggestions how it could make it better.  This one chose to add snow falling into the image.


Limited Uses When Out of Reach of Smartphone

Today, I took Glass with me for a run to try the Strava Running app. However, I forgot to take my phone with me. The Stava Running app kept time, but wasn’t updating GPS data. That was when I realized I left my phone at home. I still had some limited functions. I was able to take the photo above.

One disappointing thing. In the image, you can barely see the bridge. I was about 200 yards from it and I think it really made the scene. However, without a zoom on Glass, I didn’t realize it would not be visible. I also wanted to use the Vignette function, but without my phone, I decided to save it for another image.

Below is another image I considered for today.

2 - Jan 2

Day 1 of 365 Days of Glass

For the last few years I’ve read blogs of different people starting a goal of taking and posting a photograph every for the entire year. Each year, I think this would be a good challenge for me, but it never works because I don’t carry a camera with me frequently enough. Again this year, I was considering this, when it hit me, I now have Google Glass! So, this blog is going to serve two-fold. I am going to post a photograph take #throughglass everyday for the next year. I will also use this blog to post general observations about Glass as I learn how to use it especially in my Flipped Classroom.

The photo above is of my dog Nico. There will probably be a lot of photos of him throughout the year. Even though Glass takes quick pictures, it was difficult to get him to stay still for this photograph.